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Cascade in the news: Anne Clawson discusses Lego's sustainability requirements with GreenBiz

Anne spoke with GreenBiz about Lego's new emissions reduction targets for suppliers and how those fit in the context of broader corporate sustainability requirements. Brief excerpts from the article are included below and the entire article by Heather Clancy can be read in GreenBiz.

A town main street build out of Lego bricks
Photo Credit: Alphacolor via Unsplash

Lego sets stricter emissions reductions requirements for suppliers | Heather Clancy

Lego’s new Supplier Sustainability Program, announced July 3, requires its biggest suppliers (representing about 70 percent of its overall emissions) to share data about emissions generated by the production of goods and services they sell to Lego, starting in 2024. They’ll need to share reduction targets starting 2026. Lego declined to provide additional details....

...The practice of encouraging suppliers to set emissions reductions targets — or at least for announcing them publicly — is relatively rare outside the retail sector. Walmart’s Project Gigaton, announced in 2017, became the exemplar for retailers seeking to push emissions cuts, water conservation and waste management within their supply chains. That program aimed to cut 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases by 2030; it met that goal in early 2024

Companies in other sectors, especially those setting science-based emissions reductions targets that include Scope 3 pledges, are also pushing suppliers to do more. Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, for example, will require 95 percent of its suppliers (by spend) to have emissions reduction targets by fiscal year 2025. Microsoft is asking its largest supply chain partners to use "carbon-free" energy by the end of the decade.

"What I am seeing is a lot of companies are starting to set or phase in requirements, but you’re not seeing announcements, because they don’t want to promise something that they might not be able to deliver," said Anne Clawson, principal at consulting firm Cascade Advisory.

You can read the full article on Lego's sustainability requirements in GreenBiz here.


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