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Solutions customized to your needs.


Cascade Advisory offers a comprehensive range of services in policy and government affairs, specializing in natural resources and manufacturing sectors with an emphasis on reducing and removing carbon emissions. Services include policy analysis and development, stakeholder mapping, coalition support, lobbying, federal funding, legislation tracking and drafting, and regulatory affairs. We help clients navigate the complexities of the advocacy space, providing guidance on federal funding, trade and supply chain management, research and development, national security, and international policy. With our experience and knowledge, we assist clients in achieving success in a rapidly evolving policy landscape.

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The Emerging Technologies practice at Cascade Advisory helps clients adapt and thrive as rapidly developing technological advancements shake up assumptions and provide new opportunities. If your organization has started or plans to start using emerging technologies—such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, climate tech, and more—working with a partner who truly understands the policies, economic benefits, and implementation risks associated with these new technologies is critical.

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Cascade Advisory applies decades of experience to solve specific communications challenges, allowing our clients to focus on their existing strengths while our team helps maximizes their impact with stakeholders. Our strengths in strategic communications are two-fold: we develop a deep, nuanced understanding of your organization’s mission and vision alongside a profound analysis of your audiences, both internal and external, allowing us to create exemplary strategic storytelling for your needs.

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As part of Cascade Advisory's mission, services are offered to select local or small-scale businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations on a sliding scale, ensuring that those with limited resources can still benefit from our expertise and tailored solutions. To be considered for the sliding-scale rates, please send us a message using the "contact us" form at the top of the page.

Additional Services


Our facilitation services are designed to foster effective communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution within your organization. We specialize in creating a supportive and inclusive environment where all participants can engage in open dialogue, share perspectives, and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes. We guide group discussions, meetings, and workshops, ensuring that all voices are heard, ideas are explored, and decisions are reached collectively. Our skilled facilitators are there to help groups navigate complex issues to achieve consensus and alignment, whether it's limited to a small group of leaders or an organization-wide initiative.


Our services combine the expertise of project management with the rigor of federal funding application processes. We understand that applying for federal funding involves multiple stakeholders, complex timelines, and extensive information gathering. Our team ensures that the entire process is efficiently and effectively managed from start to finish, and our experienced grant-writers can provide additional support for more complex applications. We work closely with your team, external partners, and other stakeholders to establish clear objectives, define scope, and create a comprehensive application.


Casecade Advisory's project management services are designed to ensure seamless execution and successful delivery of your organization's initiatives. We excel at coordinating and overseeing projects from start to finish, leveraging our expertise and best practices to drive optimal results. Whether you're launching a new product, implementing process improvements, or undertaking organizational changes, our skilled project management team will guide you through the entire project lifecycle.

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