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Policy & Government Affairs

Cascade Advisory provides an array of services for its policy and government affairs clients across the natural resources and manufacturing sectors, along with certain advocacy specialties.


Policy Analysis and Development | Stakeholder Mapping | Coalition Support | Lobbying | Federal Funding | Legislation Tracking and Drafting | Regulatory Affairs


Mining & Critical Minerals

The need for easily accessible supplies of critical minerals and rare earth materials is foundational to the clean energy transition, and critical for most modern technology in use today across a broad range of consumer products. This rapidly evolving space is complex with stakeholders across the federal government, and Cascade Advisory can help you navigate those interconnected relationships, policies, and funding sources to protect and grow your business.

Forest & Wood Products

Issues surrounding forest carbon, biodiversity, and decarbonization of the built environment and manufacturing facilities will drive change, presenting opportunities and risks for stakeholders in the sector. Cascade Advisory understands the broad array of forest and wood products interests in Washington.

Sustainability & ESG

Every sector is tackling the increased political and regulatory challenges accompanying our pivot to a net-zero future, while some organizations are implementing strategies now to position themselves as the ones setting standards for their industry. Whether your organization has been issuing ESG reports for years or you are just beginning to set your sustainability goals, Cascade Advisory can provide the support you need.


Manufacturing and onshoring are critical to the success of the U.S. in the 21st century. Manufacturers have unique environmental, permitting, land use, and supply chain advocacy needs. Cascade Advisory understands how to advocate for the needs of both established manufacturers and those just building their first facility.

Emerging Energy & Climate Tech

New technologies aimed at achieving a net-zero future are rapidly developing. Electrification, EVs and their supply chains, hydrogen power, biofuels, batteries and energy storage, alternatives to critical minerals, additive manufacturing, and carbon capture and storage are all promising solutions to lower or remove carbon emissions. Cascade Advisory has the experience to help startups and venture capital firms navigate federal policy and secure non-dilutive funding from the Department of Energy and Department of Defense.


Federal Funding

An unprecedented amount of federal funding is available for the next several years due to passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. The Cascade Advisory team has obtained millions of dollars in loans, research and development grants, and non-dilutive funding for prior organizations. The team can help you identify, plan for, apply, and secure funding.

Trade & Supply Chain

Global onshoring movements and climate border taxes are changing trade flows, making supply chain management a bigger challenge than ever. Work with Cascade Advisory to identify, analyze, and optimize your approach to trade and supply chain issues.

Research & Development

The federal Department of Energy and Department of Defense national labs boast some of the most advanced R&D facilities in the world. The federal government also offers an array of R&D funding options for different technology readiness levels and intellectual property protections. Cascade Advisory can help you identify, position for, and obtain the partnerships and funding you need to advance your technology.

National Security

Climate mitigation technology and broader manufacturing needs are now considered national security priorities. This means existing and even new Department of Defense offices are now a critical part of any clean technology or manufacturing advocacy strategy. Cascade Advisory can identify and connect you with the offices that matter to your organization.

International Policy

Global policies are creating opportunities and roadblocks for organizations of all sizes. Whether you are developing a strategy to address a new regulation from Europe or anticipate impact from a recent announcement from China, Cascade Advisory draws on experience carrying out successful advocacy campaigns on five continents to help you succeed in a global policy environment.

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