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Emerging Technologies

Whether your organization is looking to understand how emerging tech will affect your business, create guardrails for responsible tech use within the organization, or explore the untapped potential of new innovations, Cascade’s team of experts is here to help. 


  • Track policy and compliance changes that will affect business in U.S., EU, and other regulatory bodies, including potential funding opportunities

  • Utilize risk frameworks to create client-specific responsible tech use policies

  • Develop strategic communication plans to share and explain company’s emerging tech approach to customers, employees, board members, investors, and other critical stakeholders

  • Advise on the political and economic implications of new technological developments

Using these technologies correctly can make your business. Using them without strategy could sink it. Make smarter choices with Cascade Advisory.


AI Regulations & Policies | Data Security & Privacy | Compliance | Responsible AI Use| Strategic Communications | Legislation Tracking | Government Funding

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